What is Gravity?

The Gravity Total Gym is the perfect exercise machine for those who don’t like traditional fitness equipment.  The famous incline bodyweight training system provides fun, highly effective workouts catering to all fitness levels.  It’s the gliding action that gives that beautiful flow – almost like exercising under water, making you activate your core and intensify the stretches in our gorgeous Gravity Yogalates sessions.

The glide board can be adjusted up or down to provide a wide range of resistance levels, while the cables allow for full range of motion through the joints.  At the same time you can challenge balance and reaction if you’re ready for it, by increasing the angle and movement of the glide-board.

The machines provide full body conditioning through more than 250 exercises, which mean you don’t need to keep changing equipment during your workout.

Our Gravity Strength classes will get your body stretched, core activated, muscles toned and heart pumping.  The sessions are progressed each week in line with individual capability and potential.

Mix it up with Gravity Strength or Gravity Activate and a Gravity Yogalates class and you’ll have the perfect combination to keep you long, lean and feeling great.