Muscle and Joint Health

At OptimalMe we specialise in regaining optimum muscle balance through self-massage techniques, and movement and muscle retraining.  This takes pressure off the joints, relieves pain, reduces wear and tear and facilitates better stronger movement patterns.

We have found that supplementing with a high quality calcium/magnesium supplement, fish oils and/or a glucosamine/tumeric supplement can be very beneficial in supporting this process.

A word of warning though - quality in supplements can vary greatly.  OptimalMe is a distributor for the world’s leading supplement company USANA Health Sciences.  We’ve been taking and recommending the products for years and believe they have helped significantly in reducing muscle tension and cramps, and improving joint function.

If you'd like to know more about these products and the science behind them, click on the links below, and if you are interested in trying the products click on the shop button below.

USANA MagneCal-D - Calcium Magnesium

USANA BiOmega - Fish oil

USANA Procosa  - Joint health

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