What OptimalMe clients have to say...

Getting the best out of exercise and continually improving

I was very fortunate to have Marya recommended to me. I have a number of health issues – arthritis and hip replacements and found it difficult to keep fit. Marya worked with my limitations and she found the best exercise regime for me. I really enjoy her ‘don’t give up’ attitude and personal attention, even in a group. She remembers what I need to work on and is constantly making small adjustments to ensure I’m getting the best out of the exercise and continually improving. Plus she has a great personality!!  I can’t recommend her highly enough.
- Judy Hylton

Small classes ensure maximum benefit and stickability

When I first approached Marya, we wanted a stretching and strength class for a group of friends. She started up a gravity circuit class for us, that was about 18 months ago and we’re still going strong. Her classes are well organised and cover all muscle groups and she carefully monitors us all to ensure we are doing the exercise in a way that will lead to maximum benefit.
- Pam Minor

Improving balance and flexibility

I was looking for a pilates/yoga type class to help with strengthen up and recover from running injuries. As I spend a lot of time swimming, cycling and running I tighten up in the back and hips. Pilates has improved my balance and my flexibility has returned. Marya's classes are always enjoyable and I always feel like I've achieved what I set out to do whether it be a good stretch or a strength session with weights. The smaller class numbers means Marya has more time to focus on individual needs - whether it is looking after a sore back or reminding people to activate their abdominals.
- Tracey Chatterton

Perfecting technique to avoid injury

Everyone should invest in a few sessions with Marya. She will perfect your technique so not only will you avoid injury but you’ll achieve better results. Marya listens to you, helps you set goals & keeps you motivated.  In all just a neat person to work with.
- Sheryl Holwerda