OptimalMe Services

Let's first have a chat!

Here at OptimalMe we like to get to know you before we discuss how we can help.   You may be scared or uncertain about embarking on exercise, or maybe you simply want to know you are moving and exercising correctly to achieve your optimal performance for daily living. 

We are here to listen so book in a free 30-minute consultation and see if we are a good fit for you.    

Before we meet, complete our OptimalMe Health & Fitness Questionnaire - Online here, or download here to print.

At your consultation we will discuss:

  • Your fitness history
  • Your current physical challenges
  • Your preferences for exercise
  • What you are hoping to achieve
  • Take you through a few simple movements to assess your needs
  • Recommend a solution tailored to your situation

OptimalMe Basics Pack

We recommend that everyone who consults with us consider booking in for a two-session OptimalMe Basics Pack which can be made up of two 30,45, or 60 minute sessions depending on your need and your budget.  From this you will learn the basic principles of pain relief and good functional movement and exercise technique.  Maybe that’s all you need - or you may prefer a few extra one-on-one sessions, or progress to studio or online group fitness.

Personal Training

One to One - Studio or Online

Ideal for those who have special needs, want quick results or need their training to fit around their busy lifestyle.  Ideal for rehabilitation and pain relief.  You can choose from 30,45 or 60 minute sessions – just one or two or ongoing.

Group - Studio or Online

For those who live in the vicinity we offer a range of small group classes to suit your time, budget or exercise demands.  And you’ll get the additional advantage of group dynamics with extra fun and support.

For those of you further away or with a challenging timetable, we offer a weekly Zoom group class which you can attend live, or follow a recorded session.  You'll notice the difference between being part of a live class where we can keep an eye on you, compared to just following a recorded session, so we encourage live participation if at all possible.

Studio Gravity Classes - limited to 6 per class

The Gravity Total Gym is the perfect exercise machine for those who don’t like traditional fitness equipment, but is also fun and challenging for those who want to take their fitness to the next level.   Read more on Gravity here.

Gravity Strength

Varied and progressive workouts on the famous Total Gym incline bodyweight training system.  This class is great if you’re looking for strength and toning and so much more fun than weights and single exercise machines.

Gravity Activate

This is where things get interesting!  This is the perfect class for those wanting the guidance, support and progression of personal training sessions without the high price.  We move back and forth from the Gravity machines to the floor to take you through all the phases of training from stability to strength to power to really build your capability.  While we cater for most people, if you have more complex issues to address, we recommend you sign up for an OptimalMe Basics pack before considering Gravity Activate.

Gravity Yogalates

Yoga/Pilates/Tai Chi combo with attitude!  Like a Body Balance class but on Total Gym incline gravity machine.  Feel the glideboard and your body weight take you further and deeper to intensify your stretches, strength and balance.

Studio Seniors Strength & Balance Classes

Limited to 12 per class
We’re honoured and excited to be part of the ACC Initiative Live Stronger for Longer.  We run two programmes at our OptimalMe Studio specifically geared at those aged 65+, which focus on increasing overall strength, core activation and balance.  Read more here.


A 60 minute class incorporating SuperCue Seniors routines, a physiotherapist approved fun and effective fully choreographed exercise programme.  Come along once or twice a week to learn how to sit, stand, walk and move well.  You have the option of supporting your studio sessions with pre-recorded or live online sessions if you choose.

​Box 'n' Balance

An exercise class combining elements of SuperCue Seniors routines (see Activate above) and Counterpunch Parkinson’s boxing routines.  While this class was originally for people with Parkinsons, it has developed to include all seniors and is a step-up in power from OptimalMe Activate, but can be as intense as you choose to make it.

Other Classes

Boxfit HIIT

BoxFIT HIIT is perfect for abdominal toning and improving your cardio fitness with short bursts of upper and lower body combinations, helping you to feel strong and powerful.  This 60 minute session is packed with blood pumping boxing and circuit type exercises. Gloves and pads are provided for a full impact workout but the focus is core activation and toning rather than the more commonly recognised boxing technique.

Release Foam Rolling

This is a foam rolling class where you’ll learn self massage for your whole body to relieve pain and stiffness, and get yourself super relaxed and feeling wonderful.

Release & Activate - 4 week focus

This is a brand new service which we plan to kick off over the coming weeks.  It combines muscle release and stretch techniques together with muscle activation exercises focusing on a specific area of the body.  Perfect for those wanting to address aches and pains in a group setting.

  • Back & Hip Release
  • Neck & Shoulder Release
  • Feet & Knee Release