OptimalMe Workplace Wellness

Move Better - Feel Better - Work Better

As a business owner or manager, your most important asset is the people who work for you - your staff, employees and team.

For your business to function well your staff need to be physically and mentally well so they can focus on and enjoy their work.

Poor sleep, high stress levels (from both work and their personal lives) and lack of exercise all contribute to reduced productivity, motivation and job satisfaction as well as increases in sick leave, health costs and staff turnover.

OptimalMe can help in all these areas by simply teaching people how to sit, stand and move well throughout their everyday activities.  Getting these basics right will help them sleep better, manage their stress better, and generally feel better so they'll feel more motivated to exercise or simply be active.

Our techniques help them to address pain and stiffness from their day-to-day movement or lack of it.  We teach skills that will last them a lifetime!

OptimalMe Workplace - What We Can Do For You

A specialised OptimalMe Workplace package is a simple and cost-effective way to make a big difference in how you and your team move through their day - no matter the kind of work they are doing!

In either a tailored one-off group session or multi-session package they will learn about how they can combat dysfunctional movement and learn better ways of moving, specific to their work activities.

With OptimalMe Workplace your team will learn how just by sitting, standing and moving with the right awareness they can reduce pain and stiff muscles, better avoid injury and time off work, as well as feel physically confident - and even look better! 

And if you feel better physically, you will feel better mentally- creating a healthy space to think and focus as well as bring productivity and job satisfaction to whole new levels.

Benefits for your employees:

  • Move better
  • Sleep better
  • Reduced pain and stiffness
  • Feel physically and mentally better
  • Increased well-being and job satisfaction

Benefits for your business:

  • Increased job satisfaction and productivity
  • Decreased sick leave and time off work
  • An improved work environment
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